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Intimacy in a Long-Distance Relationship

The uprising of online dating technology has made long-distance relationships quite a popular notion. According to studies, technology in all forms is being used by long-distance couples to feel closer, to become more affectionate, and to help ease sexual tensions that may arise due to the situation and long-distance.

Maintaining the Connection

It has been noted that there are obviously numerous pitfalls in long-distance relationships. However, it has also been revealed that there are some significant upsides as well. For instance, living miles away from each other can actually make you and your partner feel closer. The reason is that you are more determined to communicate, establish a connection and make things work to your advantage. So there is indeed some truth in the saying that; “absence makes the heart grow fonder” contrary to the one that states; “absence makes the heart forget”.

Let’s explore the figures;

55% of Americans that are in a long-distance relationship stated that their time apart actually enabled them to feel closer and more emotionally connected to their partner over time.

69% or 7 out of 10 stated that they actually communicated more frequently with their partner during the time that they were apart. This accounts for emotional intimacy which is essential in every relationship.

Furthermore, 81% states that living far away from their partner made real-time visits more intimate and exciting for both of them because of the specialty of the occasion. This accounts for physical intimacy which is just as important as an emotional connection.

How to Maintain Intimacy in Long-Distance Relationships

in long-distance relationships meet occasionally is important.

Constant communication

Intimacy can only be achieved by establishing a strong sense of connection to your significant other. Therefore, constant communication is important. You can schedule Skype dates, send messages throughout the day and engage in voice calls as often as you can.

Send surprise packages

You can always express how much you love and miss your partner by sending surprise packages even if there is no special occasion. You don’t have to go all the way and buy extravagant presents.

What is more important is that you’re able to show your effort and commitment to your relationship through small and random things.

Visit each other or meet halfway

To strengthen long-distance relationships, it is important to plan and make an effort to visit each other. It doesn’t matter if it’s once a month or once a year just as long as you’re able to literally spend some time together.

Visiting each other can make a whole lot of difference in a relationship because it establishes greater intimacy and emotional connection. Having concrete plans to meet up also gives you something to look forward to. 

Make the most out of the available technology

All couples need to become more creative in the sexual department in order to maintain the level of intimacy and to keep the fire burning. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, the best that you could do is to rely on what technology can offer.

For instance, getting intimate over the phone could help you ease sexual tension and for those who are more adventurous, long-distance sex toys might help spice things up even more.

Complement and support each other

One of the best things you can do to make your partner feel secure is to compliment him/her. Make your partner feel that he/she is appreciated and loved all the time. Try to support your partner’s endeavors and other plans and make it a point to express your appreciation for the effort.

The distance can cause a lot of pressure in your relationship so it’s important to always infuse some positivity to keep each other happy, secure, and empowered.